Life can be tough!  Friendships sour and careers go south; so where do you turn?  At Solid Grounds, we think that it starts with a Higher Power.  Some people refer to Him as "The Man Upstairs," "God," or even "Creator." 

Around here, we just call Him: Father (or even Daddy).

As we see it, Dad has called us all to be family.  We are supposed to be kind and supportive of one another.  But in this crazy, fast-paced world, we are beginning to lose our perspective.  It's becoming more "Dog eat Dog" everyday.

We think it's time for a break.  It's time to set aside our
masks and facades and be more genuine and
transparent with one another.  It's time to be f-a-m-i-l-y
again, and that starts with actually spending time
together.  We encourage deep dialog and even in-depth
debate if you're into that. The point is: interaction!

So think of Solid Grounds as a safe place you can go to
fellowship, study, pray, worship...and oh, yeah, get some
free coffee!  

Where the coffee is free...but the fellowship is priceless!