The vision of Solid Grounds is four-fold:

1) Provide a safe and healthy environment for Believers to fellowship, worship, pray, & study the Word with free study materials and training to help you share your faith.

2) Provide a neutral, non-threatening setting to bring your seeker friends. We play non-stop contemporary Christian music and encourage lively discussions with topics varying from Creation to gender idenity issues; from Salvation to Old Earth vs New Earth. We believe that Faith without Fellowship is like unbuttered toast, so come join us!

3) Free  food, clothing,
toys and diapers through
Safe Haven & Saving Grace.

4) Crosswayz Youth Group.

Why are we located in Cripple Creek, Colorado?
Because that's where the Lord led us and there is a need!  
We encourage you to step out in faith and go wherever the Lord leads;
but until He opens a door, serve in any and every way you can...where you are! 
Life is short; do what you can to make an eternal difference!

Cripple Creek, Colorado


We now offer a free shuttle service for seniors, to go to the doctor, dentist or get groceries in Cripple Creek and Victor.